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The old Tavern

As everyone can see in the presentation video for the project “Clavarezza’s tavern”, the Rural Consortium of Clavarezza, made up by 7 associates that are all sons and nephews of the old founders of the aqueduct, has committed itself since 2013 (year of its foundation) with many tasks, including the management of said aqueduct, with one goal in mind: the improvement and preservation of our beloved village.

In these 7 years we tried to manage as best as possible the few resources that we have, thanks to the yearly connection tax paid by all the villagers (€35,00 each), amounting up to around €2.500,00 per year; we economically built a second water storage tank for the summers, which is when the presence of a lot more villagers and lack of rains sometimes forced us to ration the water between the users, we built a barbeque for the village fairs, we set up picnic tables in panoramic view-points, we contributed €500,00 to replace the old and beat-up streetlights that had been given to us, with new and more adept outdoor lighting for the little roads inside the village, we annually cut the excessive vegetation and weeds along the main road that leads to the bottom of the valley, and restore the alleys that occasionally get damaged by the bad weather or the ice brought by the winter, we also had to use our own money to buy 10 road-mirrors and place them in the more dangerous curves in the road, and much more.

Also, in these years we accumulated an important sum of money that, along with the maintenance and improvement of the aqueduct, allowed us to buy the property in question.

We don’t want to dwell on this too much and make it sound as if we wanted to boast about our work, but we want to clarify and stress that there is no profit or personal advantage whatsoever in what we do: what pushes us forward, and sometimes with great sacrifices, is the love for the village in which we were born, grew up, and intend to keep living in.

The purchase of the Tavern wasn’t initially planned, but after 20 years of trying to sell it, the original owner had lowered the price to 15.000,00 €, thus making it so tempting that we became afraid that it would end up in the wrong hands: the fact that, after giving two portions of the property to two interested neighbouring villagers, the final price that the consortium had to pay was only 5.000,00 € (without taxes), reassured us of the goodness of our action.

Now we have the duty to make the purchase economically convenient: Opening a private club with memberships seemed like the best decision to us because this way we don’t have to pay some additional correlated taxes, and it allows us to sell foods and drinks, open up a grocery store and a little museum of our history inside the building, and even arrange some rooms for the tourists that will be passing by, all of this clearly with the sole desire of improving the village and the life of its inhabitants.

Going into more detail, the building certainly isn’t in horrible conditions, but it needs some targeted interventions such as the waterproofing of the balcony on the last floor, the reconstruction of the canopy that covers the terrace on the first floor (as shown in the photos), along with many more internal jobs that, even if relatively modest, such as painting the rooms used for the club and the windows, will still cost us much time and money. We sincerely hope that this letter has made it clearer as to why we are humbly asking you all, descendants and not of our loved ones that went to America a long time ago, for such concrete help: your assistance will be really important for the successful outcome of the project and we will be more than glad to share with you the progress, and to welcome you in person if you ever decide to visit us in our dear Clavarezza.

Account payable to: Consorzio Rurale di Clavarezza
Bank: Banca Carige agenzia di Casella (Ge)
IBAN: IT 83 F 06175 31930 000000963780

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